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Seal Coating

Seal Coating

5-Star Paving provides both residential and commercial seal coating services.  Sealcoating replenishes asphalt and protects the surface while providing a deep, black color.

Why seal coat your asphalt

  • Seals out water and moisture
  • Lowers oil, salt, fuel and other chemical damage
  • Bonds the top pavement area
  • Prevents oxidation
  • Provides a deep, rich black color
  • Beautifies your pavement and improves value
  • Protects from environmental distress and weathering
  • Helps prevent cracking and chipping
  • Better traction for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Provides a better first impression for visitors and customers

Sealcoating can save real dollars for owners whether residential or commercial. 

Unsealed driveways and parking lots will require some type of repair usually by the second year of life and could require a one inch overlay as often as every seven years depending on the climate and use. 

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