Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hot Tar Chip Sealing?
Hot Tar Chip Sealing is one of the oldest and most successful methods of road surfacing,  Hot Tar is sprayed down and washed rock is spread over it and locked into place with a large roller, this process is nothing new it has been around for over 100 years virtually every asphalt roadway or highway built in America before 1930 was Tar & Chip and many secondary county roads are still paved using the Hot Tar & Chip Seal method it's more affordable, lasts a long time and requires less maintenance than an asphalt paved surface !
Can you Hot Tar Chip Seal any surface?
Hot Tar Chip Seal can be put down over any good solid based foundation or over an existing blacktop or concrete surface.
How do you maintain Hot Tar Chip Sealing?
Hot Tar Chip is relatively maintenance free with no top coatings needed and few repairs.
Why should I use Hot Tar Chip Seal instead of Blacktop or Concrete?
The first and most Important reason Hot Tar Chip Seal is a better choice than Blacktop or Concrete is because it is very cost effective and does the same job as Blacktop at about half the price of asphalt and about a third of what concrete can cost, also like stated above it is practically maintenance free Hot Tar Chip also gives better traction, every surface can be slippery due to water from sprinkler systems, rain, snow, ice or oil leaks and should be treated for these conditions as needed but unlike Blacktop or Concrete Hot Tar Chip Seal has a rough surface and can provide traction for your foot or tire verses Blacktop & Concrete.
What does Hot Tar Chip Look Like?
Hot Tar Chip Seal lets you keep that rural graveled country road look while having the convenience of not having to re-rock it every year or deal with dust, dirt and mud!
How will Tar & Chip Seal hold up against a snow plow?
You must understand that Tar & Chip Seal is a pavement that is used in many northern states (almost all). On driveways, parking lots, county roads and state roads. All which must be shoveled, plowed or blowed when it snows.

You can use all three on Tar & Chip Seal. Whether you are applying your chip seal to a base surface or old pavement, when it comes time to plow all you do is lift up on your plow about an inch of the ground, then plow. Chip seal is strong.